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Sometimes the winter weather prevents me from running outside because there is too much snow and the temperature is too cold. Under these circumstances it is not much fun to run outside so I take it to the treadmill.

However, Sunday was a perfect day to run outside but the weather still prevented me from doing so.

Such is the life of a skier’s wife.

Andrew was gone skiing for the day so I couldn’t run outside but I still completed my 4 miles thanks to the treadmill and a napping 2 1/2 year-old.

I have started covering up the display on the treadmill because I hate watching the time and miles slowly tick away. One of the great things about running outside, even with a watch or my Garmin, is I don’t have my time/ miles/pace staring me in the face all the time. If I want to know how far I have gone or how much time has elapsed I have to consciously make the decision to check.

Not so much with the treadmill. Even if I am watching TV or a movie my eyes are always darting back and forth between the screen and the display.

And it’s just like the old saying goes: “A watched pot never boils.”

Or in this case: “Watched miles never go by fast.”

TV helps but if I have the time staring me in the face it makes the whole process seem longer than it actually is.

My “long run” was fueled by a breakfast of waffles, strawberries and fresh whipped cream.

I have been wanting waffles for a while and everyone else seemed to be eating them except me. So I borrowed a waffle iron from a friend, found an easy (and yummy) recipe online and made a delicious Sunday breakfast for me and the boy.

Andrew doesn’t know what he missed.

Actually he does but that’s OK because the recipe made a lot of waffles so I froze some in the hopes that they will taste just as good after a few minutes in the toaster.

Later that day we enjoyed the snow and built our first snowman of the season.

Lincoln wanted to help me roll the snow into balls but what he really meant was he wanted to smash the snow and destroy all my hard work.

The snowman is more of a cross between a snowman and scare crow, which is OK since we have a lot of crows around our house.

The treadmill is on the schedule for this week but my fingers are still crossed for a beautiful Sunday so I can hit the trails.

Don’t worry treadmill.

It’s not you, it’s me.


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1. Freezer finds – this weekend Andrew went on a fridge clean-out rampage of sorts. He threw out all kinds of food that has been in the fridge for too long and our fridge is looking bare again, just the way we like it.

The freezer really should be next because who knows what it lurking in there. I went to grab blueberries from the freezer Monday morning and saw a bowl that I didn’t remember seeing before. I asked Andrew if he knew what it was but he said no (without taking a close look of course, just a quick glance.) I thought it looked suspiciously like the hollendaise he supposedly threw out the day before but he said it wasn’t.

A few minutes later he went to the freezer to get some bacon. I glanced over and saw that he had the bowl in question in his hands. Then I saw him remove the lid, take a sniff and then lick it.

I laughed out loud and said:

“Don’t know what’s in the freezer? Lick it!”

Turns out it was leftover banana soft serve, frozen solid, so it was a tasty lick.

2. PB2 – I have been trying (dying) to get my hands on some PB2 for what seems like forever! I don’t even know if it is readily available in Canada, at least it’s not where I live, and even on our trip to Spokane I couldn’t find any (and I searched high and low).


But my wait is over.

Thanks to iHerb.com I have four jars of the powdered peanut butter goodness on its way to me (two regular and two chocolate).

I. Cannot. Wait.

The best part is that with super cheap shipping and a first-time customer coupon code it only cost me $1 in shipping fees.

That’s basically free.

Did I mention I can’t wait?

But I have to.


3. Ponytails – Lincoln hates when I put my hair in a ponytail. Hates it. He insists that I take it out. Lucky for him I only wear my hair up when I am running or working-out so he doesn’t have to see it very often.

4. Shelf – it only took 3 1/2 years but Andrew finally built a shelf in our corner cupboard.

5. Outside run – I took my Thursday run out of the basement and back on the trail. It was a beautiful blue bird day, the temperature was perfect and even though the trail was covered in snow I had a great run.

I even had the chance to discover that I can, in fact, run without Yak Trax.

My original ones broke a few weeks ago and the new ones I bought do not have a velcro strap to hold them onto my running shoes.

I ended up losing both on my run today without my knowing.

A mile into my run I noticed that one was missing when I looked at my feet. I had no idea when it came off and since I was running an out-and-back loop I figured I would just find it on my return.

About 5 minutes later I looked down again and realized the other was now missing too.

I picked up both on the way back and just carried them home. I didn’t see the point in putting them back on since I got along fine without them.

Turns out I lost the first one only a few minutes into my run.

I still have the old ones so I’m going to see if I can take the strap from them and put them on the new ones for when the ice returns.

My fingers are crossed that the weather stays nice so I can complete my long run on Sunday outside too.

Happy weekending!

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As I’ve mentioned before we do not have cable, or a satellite dish, in our house. We get one channel (CBC) and we only get that because we have a set of old school rabbit ears that have to be readjusted every now and then.

We do have the internet though so I am not totally TV deprived.

In fact, I like it better this way because I don’t end up watching mindless nothingness just because it’s on. If I want to watch something I have to make the conscious decision to do so.

Confession: some of the shows I choose to watch still fall into the mindless nothingness category. Case in point: Jersey Shore. Why I watch it I will never know.

The treadmill has been a great tool for catching up on my shows but once I am caught up I have to resort to re-watching things.

Running on the treadmill without something on the screen is not an option.

I realised the other day that during my most recent Dawson’s Creek re-watching marathon phase I totally skipped over season four.

Say what?!

So this morning, as I was running my 2 miles, I watched the first part of episode one of season four.

I absolutely love Pacey Whitter AKA Joshua Jackson.

He is my ultimate actor crush.

Fun fact: I know three different people who have crossed paths with Joshua Jackson (high school and the movie/TV industry). I think this means one day we will meet. Fingers crossed.

Now, I can’t wait until my 3 mile run tomorrow.

I had also intended to take a picture of my sweaty self this morning but completely forgot. I realize that my blog posts lately have been lacking in the visual department so to make up for it here is a link to a video Andrew took while playing fetch with our dog, from the dog’s perspective.

Thanks GoPro for providing us with the technology to make this happen.

Andrew also uses it while skiing.

You can check out some of his videos on the same YouTube channel as the Dog Pro video.



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Part of the reason I went back to the same training plan for my second half-marathon is that it worked so well with my schedule the first time around.

The second time is no exception.

Not only do I like that Friday is rest day, but I also like that Sunday is my long run day.

There just always seems to be time for a longer run on Sunday because we generally don’t make plans.

In a sense, it is our family’s rest day.

The only difference right now is I ask Andrew to take Lincoln somewhere so I can have the time to myself to complete my run on the treadmill. That darn machine is just too interesting for a 2 1/2 year-old so it’s basically impossible to get in a peaceful run if he knows I am down there.

And believe me, he always knows.

Yesterday they went swimming and I ran my 4 miles while catching up on an episode of Pan Am.

It’s funny how my outlook on distances has changed since my first training experience because 4 miles doesn’t seem all that long anymore.

In fact, I remember one day after I had completed a 3 mile run outside (before the snow and cold settled in) I sent a message to my friend Jillian that read:

“Remember when we thought 3 miles was long? Now we eat them for lunch!”

And at that time we did, almost literally, eat them for lunch because we were both running on our lunch break.

Sure, there are still days where those 3 miles seem to take forever but I usually finish them and think to myself:

“Yea, I could do that again.”

I have a few extra weeks until my half-marathon than my 12-week training plan and have decided to repeat the first couple of weeks. The distances are shorter but at least by the time I get to the longer long runs I will be back outside.

I like the treadmill but something tells me an 8 mile run will feel a whole lot longer than a 4 mile run on it.

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Just like last time, Fridays are rest days for me on the training schedule.

Unlike last time I will not try, and fail, to provide you with a review every rest day.

Instead, I will provide you with a list of random things from the week every Friday.

Here we go…

1. Toothbrush – I have an electric toothbrush.

Not a fancy one with its own charger or anything but it does the job.

That is it can do the job if I was better at changing the batteries.

It’s probably been a solid few months since I put fresh batteries in my toothbrush so really I just have a super bulky regular toothbrush.

Until this week.

I finally changed the batteries and once again have an electric toothbrush, leaving me to wonder why I waited so long to replace the batteries.

2. Green ice cream – Lincoln thinks that leftover green smoothie frozen in Popsicle moulds is ice cream.

I have no problem with that.

3. Oats in a jar – OIAJ are all over the place but it wasn’t until recently that I tried them. We usually buy our peanut butter in a giant Costco container so the possibility of having OIAJ was always slim – or so I thought.

Enter the mason jar.

Voila! Now I can have OIAJ whenever I want (usually every morning) and I get to choose the nut butter instead of a near-empty nut butter jar choosing for me. I simply make my oats then layer them in a mason jar with nut butter. Sometimes, if I’m in a really daring mood, I’ll smear the nut butter on the sides of jar for a more authentic OIAJ experience.

The best part is I can screw on the lid, though it in my bag and take it to work with me.

On Thursday morning, which I have off from work, I wanted some over night oats with banana soft serve. I would not bring this to work as it is at its best when consumed immediately.

4. Opening Cans – It was pointed out to me by a friend that I don’t open cans all the way.

I never really thought about it until then but she’s right; I always leave the lid attached to the can when I open it.

There is no real reason but at least I never have to remove a lid from a can of soup.

4.5 The number 5 – I kept thinking I needed to have five random things because I just wanted to see a list of 5 things.

Silly, I know.

Instead, I’m giving you 4.5 and the fact that it was slightly bothering me that I didn’t have 5 things was the topic.

Happy weekending!

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There are a couple of days on the training plan that call for either stretch or strength and sometimes both.

Honestly, I should be stretching after every run and, although I have gotten a lot better with it, there is always room for improvement.

This is where my numerous Pilates DVDs come into play.

For me, Pilates is the perfect combo of stretch and strength. An added bonus is that I don’t have to think about what to do, I simply follow along with the instructor on the DVD.

The hardest part of any stretch routine is making sure I stretch long enough. It’s easy to go through the motions, which often results in a mediocre finish to a workout.

Most of my Pilates DVDs are from the Winsor Pilates series and I can choose to do a full-body routine or focus on either upper or lower body.

I also have a set of free-weights, and few go-to moves, that allow me to work some muscle groups. Strength training for me is either hit or miss. I’m either really loving it or I just can’t be bothered and simply go through the motions until I think I’ve done enough and call it quits. That’s why I prefer workouts that incorporate strength training and weights along with cardio – I have numerous DVDs for this too.

I always feel better after I’m finished one of my Pilates DVDs and it takes me no longer than 30 minutes.

I say that’s 30 minutes well spent considering I would probably be wasting time online otherwise.

Yesterday called for a 3 mile run, which I completed during nap time on my treadmill making this purchase well worth it already.

Otherwise, I would have spent nap time online doing a whole lot of time-wasting.

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When I first started this blog (when it had the title Train for Wellness) it was a way to document my training towards my first half-marathon. Over the months it morphed into something different but I like to think running has remained at the core of “what this blog is about”.

Over the next few months I am going to return to my roots because Monday officially marks Day 1 of training for my next half-marathon. I will be running the BMO Vancouver Marathon on May 6, 2012 in Vancouver, BC with some girlfriends.  Not only will it be my second half-marathon but it will also be my first girls-only trip in a long, long time. We will be gone for three nights and are leaving the husbands and children at home!

If you remember, I had planned to start training a few months ago and was going to follow a marathon training program in support of my friend Jillian who is training for the Boston Marathon. Those plans didn’t really go as planned but I’m OK with it. I’m ready to get back into training and even have a new friend to help me during the long, cold months of winter.


After many, many, many years of trying to explain why I needed a treadmill in my life (even though, yes, I admit, I have a love/hate relationship with them) my husband agreed to the purchase. I may have used the line “It will make me a better wife and mother” in my explanation but it was really only to match his “the world is your treadmill” comment.

I had a budget and bought it secondhand right here in Midway. No long drive to pick it up and no extra money spent because we were in the city.

I had been going over to the local arena to use the treadmill for the past couple of weeks and it is going to be so much more convenient to have it in the house.

I also noticed a big difference in how my body feels on the treadmill with my recent switch to a minimalist shoe.

I went from my Asics GT 2160s.

To my Saucony Kinvara 2s and it has been like night and day.

I will be following the same Hal Higdon half-marathon training plan as before, which means no running on the first day.

I still find it strange.

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