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A few days ago I mentioned that I am excited to be participating in two different projects related to health and fitness.

The first one is the Mezamashii Run Project from Mizuno, the makers of running shoes and gear.

From their website:

Mezamashii is the Japanese word for eye-opening, or brilliant. The Mezamashii Run Project is our
quest to deliver a more brilliant running experience to dedicated runners everywhere.

As a participant I was sent a pair of Mizuno running shoes so I could experience my own brilliant run.

Yesterday I had that run.

I took my Mizuno Wave Rider 15 running shoes


and my favourite running partner


and ran on my favourite trail that meanders along the Kettle River.


It was, in a word, brilliant.

Or mezamashii.

The sun was shining and the air was crisp, making for perfect Fall-like running conditions.

It was the run I had been waiting for since having Teagan.

The kind of run that makes you want to keep running.

The kind of run that makes you realize that you can get back into it after being sidelined for whatever reason.

Here’s to many more Brilliant Runs.

Thanks Mizuno.

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