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If you follow me on Instagram (user name: simmondsfam) then you’ve probably seen most of these pictures all ready. If you don’t follow me I’d love it if you did.

1. The local arena opened last week and we took Lincoln skating for the first time this year.

He had fun but I think he enjoyed watching his Dad play hockey afterwards more than anything.

2. I had a delicious frozen Mojito while I was in Kelowna for my race on the weekend. I have been craving one all summer. It was the perfect blend of sweet and sour.


3. I already wrote two posts about my 10K on Sunday but realize I never included a picture with either one.


4. A typical day for us includes checking the mail, playing at the park, checking out the fire trucks at my workplace, and then going to the store to grab milk, bread, or eggs (we always seem to be out of one of the above.)

The boys favourite part is always the park.


5. The Kettle Valley Rail Trail is one of our favourite places to walk because the dog doesn’t have to be on a leash. We usually have to stop and play on the trains behind the museum.


6. He didn’t actually climb the tree but he had fun hanging out in it.


Tell me something random about your week.


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Sometimes my husband has to work away from home and is gone Monday to Friday. When it was just me and Lincoln it was still easy to fit in a workout once he went to bed or during the day when he napped.

Now I have two kids at home and one of them has recently decided that he doesn’t need to nap anymore.

This means I have to be a bit more creative when it comes to fitting in exercise.

Some of the things I do include:

1. The Snugli. We already discussed this the other day. I can strap Teagan on and head out for a walk while pushing Lincoln in the Chariot. I can’t wait for her to get a little older do she can ride in the Chariot too. She’s in a serious baby-wearing phase right now so I’m going with what makes me not want to pull my hair out and keep trying with the Chariot.

2. Yoga and running clothes. Basically I just live in workout clothes so I’m ready to go at a moments notice. Actually, I live in them because they are super comfortable but it helps they are multifunctional. Thankfully workout clothes can look nice so I don’t feel like a complete slob – thanks Lululemon.

3. Free weights. I keep a set of free weights in the living room. When a spare minute presents itself I do some weight exercises and some abs. There are more minutes than I use because something usually side tracks me like dishes or washing dirty diapers. But having the weights within sight at all times sort of guilts me into using them. Lincoln has his own weights too and loves to knock out a few sets of his own.


4. When Teagan needs to walk around the house I like to incorporate some squats, lunges, and kicks into the mix. It makes walking circles around the house a little less mundane. I also sing Mary had a Little Lamb.

5. I don’t have a number 5 but wanted to end on number 5. Make sense? Thought so.

How do you fit in exercise into your daily life?

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