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If you follow me on Instagram (user name: simmondsfam) then you’ve probably seen most of these pictures all ready. If you don’t follow me I’d love it if you did.

1. The local arena opened last week and we took Lincoln skating for the first time this year.

He had fun but I think he enjoyed watching his Dad play hockey afterwards more than anything.

2. I had a delicious frozen Mojito while I was in Kelowna for my race on the weekend. I have been craving one all summer. It was the perfect blend of sweet and sour.


3. I already wrote two posts about my 10K on Sunday but realize I never included a picture with either one.


4. A typical day for us includes checking the mail, playing at the park, checking out the fire trucks at my workplace, and then going to the store to grab milk, bread, or eggs (we always seem to be out of one of the above.)

The boys favourite part is always the park.


5. The Kettle Valley Rail Trail is one of our favourite places to walk because the dog doesn’t have to be on a leash. We usually have to stop and play on the trains behind the museum.


6. He didn’t actually climb the tree but he had fun hanging out in it.


Tell me something random about your week.


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1. PB2 – It’s here! It’s here!

I’ve had it on an apple and I made STUFT Mama’s three ingredient fudge. I like what I’ve tasted so far.

3. Hockey – Lincoln is obsessed with hockey. Actually, Lincoln is obsessed with goalies. It’s a good thing Andrew is a goalie and Lincoln now has his own goalie stick and mask.

Pants are optional.

3. Sourdough Bread – it took 6 days but we have two loaves of homemade sourdough bread ready to be eaten in our house. The best part is we have a sourdough starter in the fridge just waiting for the next batch.

These loaves are just the starting off point. I am now on a mission to bake the perfect loaf of sourdough.

4. Running – I finally remembered to take a picture after a run this week. Here I am in all my red-faced, sweaty glory.

5. Daycare – Lincoln is not the only one in the family who goes to daycare.

Glenn cannot be trusted at home alone so he hangs out with our neighbours across the street when we both have to work.

Some days though, they are not available so Glenn has to come to work with me. He stays in the car for most of the day but always manages to sneak his way into the office for part of the day.

He usually curls up under my desk.

I often forget he is there and roll over his tail.

Sorry Glenn.

6. Sleep – Lincoln is going through another “I want to wake-up when you wake-up phase.”

This means he wants to wake-up when Andrew does to get ready for work.

This means he has been waking up at 5:00 am ready to go for the day.

This means I am not a happy camper.

Nap time cannot come quick enough during the week.

7. Weekend – I am looking forward to the weekend solely because I hope Lincoln will sleep in.

I’m staying optimistic.

Happy Weekending!

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It was a busy but productive weekend at our house. My husband had an unexpected day off (his first in a few weeks) on Sunday and it was nice to have him home. He recently made the decision to leave his job at the local ski hill in favour of year-round employment in the forestry industry. This change means he will be home every evening and for the first time in a very, very long time he will have weekends off – yee haw! These two things alone make me very, very happy.

Except he will probably still go skiing most weekends.

This means I will still be without my husband on those weekends.

But that is a sacrifice I am willing to make.

Did I mention I don’t ski? Or snowboard? Even after working in the ski industry as a marketing and media relations rep I never took to the sport.

I think it has something to do with the gravity. I’ll stick to snow shoeing and cross-country skiing thank you very much.

But clearly I am getting off topic because all that really has nothing to do with what we did this weekend.


Saturday was spent with a very good friend and her two boys.

We walked the Riverwalk trail in the morning and then headed to GF to run a few errands and get groceries.

First stop was for coffee – decaf for me as I am still off the real stuff (note: getting sick the day I decided to stop drinking coffee was really a blessing in disguise. I was so pre-occupied with my cold symptoms that I mostly forgot about the caffeine withdrawal.)

I also picked-up some decaf beans for home.

It was nice to go to town with another adult for a change. I didn’t have to lug a toddler into every store because I had someone to stay in the truck with him.

When we got home, and after unpacking the groceries, the Doozer and I made Oatmeal Raisin Chocolate Chip Cookies.

This is a Martha Stewart recipe from her cookie cookbook and I absolutely love it. I like to add coconut to the mix because for me, oats and coconut belong together.

That night my husband fell asleep on the couch and I got caught up on Pan Am and ANTM: All-stars. He got sick a few days after us so he is still fighting it off. We usually watch a documentary over on Documentary Heaven and then I fall asleep on the couch 🙂

As I mentioned above he had Sunday off. He had a few projects to complete so I took the dog and the Doozer for a walk. When we arrived home he wasn’t quite finished so I took the Doozer to the arena to watch the Pee Wee team play, and to eat fries.

He had such a fun time! He laughed every time one of the players fell or when the goalie went down to block a shot. He kept yelling Puck! Hockey! Net! Fall! throughout the entire game and I am still amazed that he sat through the whole thing.

When we came home I grabbed some lunch and then helped my husband close-up the pool for the winter.

Then it was time to bake again. I made date squares using the topping from my Raw Apple Crisp as the base but added in some coconut and used coconut butter (not oil) to hold it all together.

They are delicious. I have discovered that soaking the dates in hot water before processing really makes a difference. I froze the squares but I doubt they will last long.

Now I am in the process of de-cluttering and cleaning the house in preparation for my Mom’s arrival on Sunday. My parents live in Nova Scotia and this is her first time flying alone – we can’t wait to see Nanny!

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It’s hockey time!

I still find it strange that I am excited for the beginning of hockey season. I have never liked to watch hockey and used to dread the play-offs because that was always the only thing on TV (we don’t have cable or satellite and only get CBC).

I didn’t grow up in a hockey family and I could barely skate on figure skates let alone hockey skates.

I did hang out at rinks periodically in high school but that was more about socializing than watching the game.

I did go through a phase where I loved the Anaheim Mighty Ducks but that had more to do with Joshua Jackson and the movies than anything else.

These days I actually like to watch hockey.

What changed?

I started to play hockey.

Every Wednesday the Ice Maidens take to the ice at our local arena and last year I was brave enough to join them.

I borrowed the gear, bought a pair of second-hand skates and stepped on the ice for the first time since I was a kid.

I don’t know if it was all the gear but I felt confident even though I couldn’t skate backwards to save my life.

My feet, legs, abs, you name it hurt after that first practice but I was hooked!

I quickly learned that playing a sport changes the way you watch that sport.

I was beginning to understand what was happening on the TV and that made it more fun to watch.

Last night was the first hockey practice of the season and I was a little torn over whether I should go or not because my knee is still buggered from the half-marathon.

I decided to take a chance and lace up my skates for the first time this season.

Let’s just say I’m glad I don’t have to run a half-marathon this Sunday.

My feet hurt already, my back is sore, and I still can’t skate backwards all that well.

But I wouldn’t change a thing.

The best part about the team I play with is we are all there for the same reasons:

To have fun and hang out with friends.

Oh, and to get out of bedtime duty for one night a week (or is that just me?) 🙂

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As I mentioned in a previous post I have recently moved my road bike back into the house. It is set up on my bike trainer in the basement, which essentially turns my road bike into a stationary bike. I have always been a fan of the stationary bike because it allows me to catch up on my reading and TV shows.

I know, I know, I should focus on the workout and not be distracted by books and TV.

But I still get in a good cardio session as evident by the amount of sweat dripping off my face at the end of the workout.

And today, after over an hour on the bike this weekend catching up on Degrassi: TNG (nothing compares to the original but I am hooked on the new version) I am feeling it in my hips and thighs today.


Thankfully I started a month before the race so I should (fingers crossed) get all the kinks worked out.

It did make me realize though that I should probably skip the first hockey practice of the season if it starts at the beginning of October.

First practice hockey legs will not make for good running legs.

Especially when those legs have to run a half-marathon three days later.

But I am excited for hockey to start.

That’s me on the left with my line mates.

Go! Ice Maidens Go!

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