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1. Glenn has this thing where if any type of clothing, blanket, towel, etc. is on the floor then he needs to lay down on it. Lately, this means the girl’s tummy time area gets confiscated by him.


2. Andrew had to go fall some trees on the weekend on our way to town. Lincoln and I watched as he fell them but Linc was more than happy to help pile the wood.



3. The boys room is finally done, which means we can finally move the girl out of our room. Hers is still a work in progress but its coming along nicely.



4. We got crafty this week. I had visions of making ghosts but this is what the final result was.


5. Tummy time!



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Back when I was following a training plan rest days always fell on Friday, and with it began Rest Day Randoms.

I’m still not following a set schedule but am going to bring back RDR on Fridays because it’s fun and I can write about random things without devoting an entire post to them.

So without further adieu let’s get this party started.

1. My husband sings this song frequently throughout the day when he is holding Teagan. Actually, that’s a lie. He sings one line of this song when he is holding Teagan. Fast forward to 1:05 to hear that line.

2. I sing this song whenever we are checking out the latest deals on The Clymb. Again, that’s a lie. I only sing three words of this song. Fast forward to 1:07 to hear those words. As a side note, if you’d like an invite to The Clymb let me know – there are great deals to be had.

3. We use songs frequently mid-conversation just for fun when something the other person says reminds us of a particular song lyric. Please note that the actual lyrics are often replaced with other made-up ones. For example, the song lyrics “Walkin’ on sunshine” are often replaced with “Walkin’ on eggshells” when I’m in a bad mood 🙂

4. I put a load of laundry in the washing machine on Tuesday. One wash cycle and two extra rinse cycles later I finally hung it on the clothes line Thursday afternoon. There’s no telling when it will get taken off the line.

5. Glenn celebrated his eighth birthday on Wednesday.


Happy birthday Jay Glenno!

6. Our nightly walks are turning into walking tours of the parks in Midway. There are only two but we always have to go to both.


Going up the slide is way more fun than going down the slide.

Have a great weekend!

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Last night I decided to run on the treadmill for a coulpe of reasons:

1. My husband got home late and it was too dark, cold and wet for me to run outside.

2. The local arena just opened for the season and it has a workout room with a couple of treadmills. Because the arena is owned by the Village (who I work for) I get to use it for free (my family and I also get to skate for free – yahoo!) so I figured it would be a good alternative.

I was wrong.

I don’t know why it was so different this time but my body did not like it at all. About 2 miles into my run my feet started to go numb and I got a pain in my knee. I immediately decided to end the workout because I cannot afford to get injured this close to the half-marathon on Sunday. I came home and hopped on my bike for 30 minutes to spin out my legs.  Thankfully everything feels fine today.

This was not my first time running on a treadmill but I have never had this experience before. I tried different inclines and speeds and nothing changed. I’m kind of bummed because my plan for this winter was to use the treadmill so I can continue my training (yep, I already signed up for a second half-marathon in May). Now I’m not so sure. I will definitely give it another try after the race and hopefully the results will be different. If all else fails I’ll dust off the yak tracks once the ice and snow arrives and continue to run outside.

I’m sure my dog won’t mind.


Has anyone else had this kind of experience after running outside for a long period of time? Is there anything I can do (different running shoes, ect.)?

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I see love lists on blogs all the time and love them (maybe that should have been number 11…)

1. The fact that whenever my two-year-old son sees a picture of a runner he instantly points at it and says “Mommy? Run?” I explain to him that no, that is not Mommy but yes, Mommy is a runner.*love*

2. This post from Run, Eat, Repeat featuring old skool Adidas running ads like this one:

3. Jason Mraz. This man’s words and songs seriously rock my world. They are so full of love and inspiration. Andrew always jokes that I like musicians with bad hair but I think it’s more the message he is sharing than the actual person singing. Don’t get me wrong though, he’s also pretty easy on the eyes 🙂 Here are two new songs that I hope will appear on his highly anticipated new record coming out soon.



4. Thrift stores. The small ones run by volunteers (usually cute older ladies) that don’t cost you an arm and a leg for someone’s cast-offs (I’m looking at you Value Village). Case in point, I scored big when I went to the Grand Forks Thrift Store this week.

I found this pair of cute Hush Puppies casual shoes for $3.00

And this pair of brand new, ASICS running shoes in my size for (wait for it) $2.50 (no joke!).

I also bought the cutest cast-iron and stained-glass owl napkin holder for $0.50, and a brand new wooden toy tool bench for Lincoln for $1.00.

5. Run Like a Mother. I stumbled upon this book while browsing Amazon.ca one day and am loving it so far. I will post a full review once I am finished.

6. This running poster someone posted on Facebook the other day. It speaks volumes to me and makes me feel better about my slower pace 🙂

7. Stir (fry)days. Friday is stir-fry night in our house. It’s quick and easy and nutritious especially after a long day at work. I felt it deserved its own nickname and as a result Stir (fry)days was born. The veggies and sauce vary each week but it is usually served over brown rice each time.

8. Bike water bottle holder. For more than just a water bottle! I’ve transported both smoothies and coffee to work.

9. Irish Setters. Glenn is our 7-year-old Irish Setter. He is a great running companion if he isn’t on a leash, which is why I run on trails a lot. My good friend crocheted Lincoln a customed-made toque so he would match his dog-brother. Check her out at Corkscrew Creations on Facebook.

10. Sugar-free for October. Seems like a good thing to do since Halloween candy is starting to fill the stores. Fruit will still be allowed just not the white refinded crap. Good thing I only need milk in my coffee. Don’t worry, you’ll hear more about this.

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