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Ninja Juice

I’ve had my Ninja for over a month now and decided it was time I try juicing with it.

I have always wanted to own a juicer but never have.

I hear they are a lot of work to clean and honestly, we don’t need another appliance on the counter.

I also heard you can juice with the Ninja and put it to the test this weekend.

I made Apple-Spinach-Carrot juice.

Blend until chunky.

Juicing with the Ninja is not the same as juicing with a juicer.

At this point you have to add water to thin it out.

Pour the liquid pulp into a fine mesh strainer set over a large measuring cup or bowl. I use a spoon to press out as much juice as possible.

Voila! Fresh juice packed full of nutrients. Perfect for this time of year.

Even with the addition of water it does not taste watered-down.

In fact, it is quite delicious.

And a great way to start the morning.

And the fact that I don’t have to buy another appliance in order to enjoy fresh juice is just icing on the cake.

Or apples in your juice…


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Welcome to my 100th post!

In honour of this occasion I am happy to introduce to you the newest member of our kitchen family.

The one.

The only.

The Ninja.

Remember my blender dreams?

Well, thanks to a few months of saving and the generosity of my wonderful parents, I am now the proud new owner of the Ninja Kitchen System 1100.

It’s everything I need to rule the kitchen.

72 oz pitcher – check.

40 oz processing bowl – check.

Whisk attachment, dough hook and dough paddle – check.

Triple blades – double-check.

So far I have made banana-pineapple soft serve and two smoothies.

I never knew smoothies could be so smooth.

Or that spinach could blend so well.

No more chunks.

No more stirring half-way through the process.

Just pure Green Monster bliss.

I cannot thank my parents enough! Especially since they didn’t make me wait until Christmas morning to take it out of the box.

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