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It’s finally December so I can officially let you all know that I have been listening to Christmas music for the past week. It always gets me into the spirit of the holidays and makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

As with the rest of my music, I have a varied mix of favourites during the holidays. So grab your pen and paper (you still own those, right?) and take note of some of my personal favourites.

1. Oakridge Boys Christmas – I grew up listening to this album on cassette and nothing says Christmas like the Oak Ridge Boys. I even went so far as to borrow the cassette from my Mom when I moved to BC. A few years later I found a copy of it on CD and immediately bought two – one for me and one for my Mom. Now I have it transferred to my iPhone. The format may have changed but the songs still scream Christmas.

My favourite song from the album is Happy Christmas Eve but alas I could not find it on YouTube. Instead you get this one.

2. New Kids on the Block – Oh the New Kids. I was obsessed to say the least when I was kid, and then I finally got to see them live when I was 29 and pregnant with Lincoln. It’s no surprise that they came out with a Christmas album and there are quite a few good gems on this one. This year, I may just change my holiday greeting to “Have a Funky, Funky Christmas!”

And since this is a classic I need to include it too. Please note that “I’m not trying to darken up your day.”

3. Mariah Carey – I had to include her because this was first Christmas song we heard on the radio in our office, and it wasn’t even December yet! There are other versions but I think she does it best.

4. James Taylor – When we were in Spokane I found a James Taylor Christmas CD and knew I had to have it. I love James Taylor (Fire and Rain is probably one of of most favourite songs) and this CD did not disappoint. I put it on my computer and then sent the actual CD home with my Mom because my Dad is also a big James Taylor fan.

5. Michael Buble – Love his voice. Love his vibe. He does Christmas right.

6. N’Sync – Yes, another boy band. What can say, they like to put out Christmas CDs and they are always catchy.

7. Wham! – This came on the radio while I was writing this post so I had to include it.

I also have a kids CD for Lincoln. Classic songs sung by the Countdown Kids.

I tend to skip over them a lot 🙂


How in the world did I forget to add this one to the list!?

Jason Mraz is simply the best.

What are some of your favourite Christmas songs?


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