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For a girl who only gets one channel (CBC) I sure do watch a lot of TV.

We have a flat screen mounted to the wall and a set of old (I’m positive they are the same ones I used in University) rabbit ears on a shelf that have to be readjusted frequently to limit the fuzziness on the screen.

Combining the old with the new – it’s what we do best.

We simply don’t want to pay for cable, especially considering the cost of high-speed internet where we live. Instead, we bought a HDMI cord and hook our laptop up to the TV when we want to watch a show. Or, if I am alone, I simply curl up on the couch with the laptop and watch the shows my husband can’t stand. I usually do this on my lunch break since I get an hour off and live a couple of blocks from where I work.

This is one of the reasons I love the Internet.

It allows me to watch many of the shows that I love or like whenever I want.

Some of my current favourites include:

Up All Night

Love this show.

It’s funny.

It has Maya Rudolph.

It has Will Arnett.

It has Christina Applegate.

Sometimes I think the reason why I like this show so much is because I can relate to it. Maybe if I didn’t have a kid it would be a different story, but since I do I am so happy this show is on the air.

My husband does not watch it.

Pan Am

When I first saw ads for this show I was not interested at all. Then I saw a commercial featuring Christina Ricci and my mind was changed. I checked it out instantly and caught up on all the episodes (3) to date in one sitting. Now I have to wait like everyone else for new episodes. Actually, I have to wait one extra day since I watch it online.

My husband does not watch it.

The Office

I liked it better with Micheal.

I liked it better when Pam and Jim weren’t a couple.

Regardless, I still watch this show every week and always laugh.

My husband does watch this show. Unless I decide to watch it without him, which is usually the case.

America’s Next Top Model

At first I thought I was going to have to miss the all-star season and I was very disappointed. Living in Canada means I can’t watch shows on their home networks so I have to rely on Canadian channels to show them online (CTV, Global, CityTV). CTV is the host for ANTM and it took them a long, long time to get the episodes online. As a result I stayed up way too late on the weekend getting caught up.

Thank you for getting your act together CTV.

My husband will tolerate it but I don’t make him watch it.

The Biggest Loser

I was sad to see Jillian go but Dolvett is a nice addition to this season.

I could take or leave Anna.

I cry more than I should admit during this show. All of them happy tears.

And like every other show I have to wait one extra day to watch it, which means I have to fight with myself to not read the recap on NBC. Sometimes I can’t resist but I will still watch the episode.

My husband does not watch it. And if he does he usually has a snack.

Degrassi: TNG

I grew up with the original Degrassi series (and own the entire series, including the movie School’s Out!) so it wasn’t a surprise that I got hooked on the next generation quickly.

It’s my guilty TV pleasure.

The original is still better. Plus, they weren’t afraid to slap their logo on some girl’s butt.

My husband does not watch it.

Blast from the past

Dawson’s Creek

I am officially obsessed with this show. I own every season and will forever be in love with Pacey.

Oh, and I get all choked up just thinking about the series finale.

Global has a bunch of episodes online so when I am at a loss for what to watch I usually pick one of those.

It never gets old.

Pacey Con! Sign me up.

Stay tuned for my next TV post: What I watch on CBC


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