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It’s been one week since I came clean about how much weight I want to lose. In that one week I started to clean up my diet (focusing more on whole foods) and tried to move on a daily basis even if all I could fit in was a walk around the neighbourhood with the kids.

I plan to weigh-in weekly and record it here.

This week I am down 2 lbs.

I’ll take it because that means I am 2 lbs closer to my goal.

This week I am going to continue to focus on whole foods as well as running. I have a 10K coming up on October 7 and want to get some more time on my feet before then. I’ll be starting to run three times during the week with a friend and at least once on the weekend.

I’m feeling good about the past week. I still have a way to go but it took over nine months to get here so I can’t expect things to happen overnight. I can’t let small hiccups derail my overall goal.

And in unrelated news, we were in Vancouver Friday night so I could go see Jason Mraz live in concert. It was an amazing show and I was lucky to have scored second row seats. Unfortunately the camera on my older iPhone sucks so I didn’t get very good pictures.


If I was a teenager I would be bummed. But now that I’m in my 30s I’m a-ok with not having the greatest pictures because I have the memories – and the YouTube videos that other concert goers have posted 🙂

Until tomorrow…

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It’s a girl!

Teagan Anne Simmonds was born August 4, 2012 at 4:20 am. 8 lbs 5 oz.

We’re both doing great.


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Yes, I am still pregnant.

35 weeks to be exact.

And no, I’m still not running but that doesn’t mean I’m not making plans for after the baby arrives.

I have officially registered for my first race post-baby and to be honest, I’m pretty excited.

I decide to run the Okanagan Marathon 10K in Kelowna on October 7, 2012.

This is the same event where I ran my first half-marathon last year. It’s close (ish) to home and will give me time for some postpartum recovery before I lace up my running shoes again. After that I have set a goal for myself that includes the numbers 2, 6 and 2 (but more on that later, you know, after I actually start running again).

All is well on the baby front. We are still prepping for the baby’s arrival but have all the necessities for the first few weeks in order: diapers, clothing, a place to sleep, and a food source. The baby’s room is still Lincoln’s room for now. In the process of moving Lincoln downstairs to his new room we discovered that it wasn’t insulated so walls have been ripped down and new ones, plus new flooring, have to go in before he can move down there. It’s all good though because the baby will be in our room for the first while anyways.

Lincoln is already practicing for the baby’s arrival too with a stuffed rat he received for his birthday (he turned 3 on June 27!)

It has a bed. He feeds it with a bottle, and I even made it a diaper. Who needs a baby doll when a pet rat will do just fine!

Lincoln and I will be temporarily relocating to Nelson, BC in a couple of weeks so I am closer to the hospital and my midwives. I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned the fact that because we live in a rural area, without a hospital that delivers babies, I have to travel over 2 hours for each midwife appointment and to the hospital. I had three options but because I wanted a midwife Nelson was the best choice for us. It also helps that we have good friends who live there (we used to live there as well) who are willing to let us park our trailer at their house until the baby is born. Lincoln will also stay with them while we are at the hospital. Andrew will be staying in Midway during the week for work but will join us on the weekends.

Even though the drive can suck I really don’t mind. I had Lincoln in Nelson with the same midwives and it was a great experience. Nelson is what you would refer to as a hippie town so the hospital is very laid back and the midwives have hospital privileges. Lincoln was born almost two weeks early and really fast, hence the reason we are headed there early just incase.

I still can’t believe the baby could arrive at any point. I admit that this time around I am a bit more anxious and nervous about what’s to come. Last time I was so oblivious about what to expect that I didn’t worry too much. This time though, I’m trying to find a balance between worrying too much and not worrying enough when the time comes.

I also can’t believe I thought I had a baby bump at 22 weeks.


Because it’s nothing compared to what I am carrying around these days.

35 weeks.

For now, we play the waiting game.

And I try to fit in as many naps as I can each week.

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