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This past weekend we took Lincoln skiing for the first time.

We went to Mt. Baldy where both Andrew and I used to work (Andrew more recently than me).

And no, not Mt. Baldy in California.

Mt. Baldy in British Columbia.

You would be surprised by how many phone calls the ski area gets from people asking about the other Mt. Baldy. It’s common to hear the ticket office staff ask the person on the phone if they are calling from California.

I wish we were in California but we’re not.

But Lincoln had fun nonetheless.

So did Andrew.

He is the skier in the family and has been waiting to take Lincoln skiing since last winter.

But last winter we couldn’t get a ski boot on him due to his large calves.

Thankfully, there were no problems this year.

The ski area has a great beginner area with a Magic Carpet.

Simply stand on the moving conveyor belt and let it do all the work.

They only went half-way the first time.

Lincoln loved it right from the start.


They even ventured all the way to the top of the carpet.

It was at that point that Andrew realized he hasn’t done a snow plow on skis in a really long time.

We tried to lure Lincoln into the lodge with the promise of hot chocolate but as soon as we stepped inside he wanted to go back out and ski again.

We didn’t argue.

Andrew can’t wait until next time. And I’m sure Lincoln can’t either.

As for me, I’ll be waiting in the lodge.

Please note that yes, I realize Lincoln is not wearing a helmet. And yes, I know that helmets are very important. However, we decided not to make him wear one his first time out. And yes, we would have had to make him wear it, which would have resulted in him throwing a fit, which would have resulted in him not wanting to ski at all. So in the interest of creating a fun first-experience we left the helmet at home. Next time will be different.

Please note that I also realize Lincoln is rocking a one-piece suit more suitable for snowmobiling than skiing. It was cheap and probably won’t change next time 🙂


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Catching up

Yep, I’ve been MIA.

No excuses but I will acknowledge it.

In fact, I’m not even here to write a blog post.

I just stopped by to let you know that my plan, and I use that term loosely because who knows what will happen between now and bedtime, to finally take pictures off my camera and write a proper post tonight.

In the meantime, here are a couple of pictures from our ski adventure yesterday taken by our friend Sam.

This was Lincoln’s first time skiing and he LOVED it!

More than he loves getting his picture taken, that’s for sure 🙂

See you all later!

Keep your fingers crossed that I don’t fall asleep before fulfilling my end of the agreement.

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It was a busy but productive weekend at our house. My husband had an unexpected day off (his first in a few weeks) on Sunday and it was nice to have him home. He recently made the decision to leave his job at the local ski hill in favour of year-round employment in the forestry industry. This change means he will be home every evening and for the first time in a very, very long time he will have weekends off – yee haw! These two things alone make me very, very happy.

Except he will probably still go skiing most weekends.

This means I will still be without my husband on those weekends.

But that is a sacrifice I am willing to make.

Did I mention I don’t ski? Or snowboard? Even after working in the ski industry as a marketing and media relations rep I never took to the sport.

I think it has something to do with the gravity. I’ll stick to snow shoeing and cross-country skiing thank you very much.

But clearly I am getting off topic because all that really has nothing to do with what we did this weekend.


Saturday was spent with a very good friend and her two boys.

We walked the Riverwalk trail in the morning and then headed to GF to run a few errands and get groceries.

First stop was for coffee – decaf for me as I am still off the real stuff (note: getting sick the day I decided to stop drinking coffee was really a blessing in disguise. I was so pre-occupied with my cold symptoms that I mostly forgot about the caffeine withdrawal.)

I also picked-up some decaf beans for home.

It was nice to go to town with another adult for a change. I didn’t have to lug a toddler into every store because I had someone to stay in the truck with him.

When we got home, and after unpacking the groceries, the Doozer and I made Oatmeal Raisin Chocolate Chip Cookies.

This is a Martha Stewart recipe from her cookie cookbook and I absolutely love it. I like to add coconut to the mix because for me, oats and coconut belong together.

That night my husband fell asleep on the couch and I got caught up on Pan Am and ANTM: All-stars. He got sick a few days after us so he is still fighting it off. We usually watch a documentary over on Documentary Heaven and then I fall asleep on the couch 🙂

As I mentioned above he had Sunday off. He had a few projects to complete so I took the dog and the Doozer for a walk. When we arrived home he wasn’t quite finished so I took the Doozer to the arena to watch the Pee Wee team play, and to eat fries.

He had such a fun time! He laughed every time one of the players fell or when the goalie went down to block a shot. He kept yelling Puck! Hockey! Net! Fall! throughout the entire game and I am still amazed that he sat through the whole thing.

When we came home I grabbed some lunch and then helped my husband close-up the pool for the winter.

Then it was time to bake again. I made date squares using the topping from my Raw Apple Crisp as the base but added in some coconut and used coconut butter (not oil) to hold it all together.

They are delicious. I have discovered that soaking the dates in hot water before processing really makes a difference. I froze the squares but I doubt they will last long.

Now I am in the process of de-cluttering and cleaning the house in preparation for my Mom’s arrival on Sunday. My parents live in Nova Scotia and this is her first time flying alone – we can’t wait to see Nanny!

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